Raw foods now in stock and being sold
454g packs
Minced Green Tripe    £0.58
Minced Chicken  £0.56
Chicken & Tripe  £0.60
Lamb & Tripe £0.60
Meat and Tripe £0.60
Best Minced Meat  £0.75
Best Minced Lamb  £0.75
Chicken Mix (with Veg)   £0.95
Meaty Mix  ( Lamb,Beef,Liver,Chicken carrots & Peas) £1.40
Salmon & Tripe Feast with sweet potato carrots and peas £1.40
Liver £0.80
Kidney £0.95
Heart £0.95
Tongue £1.05

Small Bones £0.45
Medium Bones £0.55
2.5 kg chicken carcass £"3.60
2kg Wings £4.00
Individual wings £0.50
2kg Chicken Necks £4.00
Individual Necks £0.40
Air Dried Beef Throats  £0.80
£15  Pack : 7 Green Tripe, 5 Chicken Mince, 2 Chicken and tripe, 2 Meat and Tripe, 2 Lamb and Tripe, 2 Liver 1 Kidney 1 small bone, 2 Moo Tubes

£25 Pack :   10 Tripe, 6 Chicken, 3 meat and tripe, 3 lamb and tripe, 4 chicken and tripe, 2 best beef 2 chicken mix (with veg) 3 liver, 1 kidney, 1 salmon and tripe 3 medium bones 1 moo tube

£40 pack: 15 Tripe, 10 chicken, 6 lamb and tripe, 8 beef and tripe 8 meat and tripe 1 chicken mix with veg 2 salmon and tripe with veg 6 liver 3 kidney 1 x 2.5kg carcass 3 small bones

The fun and easy way to slow down your dog's eating!
Simply place the food in the middle of the maze bowl, and let your dog be mentally stimulated AND satisfied at meal times!

Make meal time more fun for your dog, make a game of feeding time with this Dog Maze Food Bowl. 
It will also help you determine how smart your dog is.

Can he/she navigate their food through the maze and out? . I’m sure your dog won’t mind anything to make feeding more fun.

The deep tracks allow your dog to smell and even touch the food, but it must be moved to the ends of the tracks to be eaten!

The Buster DogMaze is suitable for dogs and puppies of all breeds and sizes

I now operate as Cotswold Raw Food Supplies and we now stock Natures Menu,
As well as free flow mince, and complete raw meals and minces