Terms & Conditions


At our Grooming Salon, we groom our pets humanely. With your consent, we attempt to de-matt a coat by combing out, and we proceed further by clipping off a matted coat only after ensuring that the animal will not suffer stress. At our salon we always provide help and advice to show you how to look after your dog’s coat.
Please note that de-matting is not part of our normal grooming charge, and therefore will be charged as an extra rate.

Aggressive or Nervous Dog

For the dogs showing aggression or acute nervousness, it takes much longer than the normal dogs to groom. It also requires extra staff to help manage them, therefore will be charged an inflated grooming rate. Hence, we reserve the right to refuse a dog that represents a risk of injury to itself or any member of staff, or send home a dog even if the dog is partially completed. Dogs that show aggression will be muzzled for their safety and ours.

Elderly or infirm dogs

I have the facilities to work with elderly and infirm - I have a purpose built walk in shower and ultra low grooming table - We can use harnesses or work around the dog even if it needs to lay on the floor - I'm the ideal set up for them


Before bringing your dog for grooming, please make sure that your dog has emptied its bowel. Should your dog foul outside our salon, please ask a member of staff for a poop bag. We also have an outside run facility so your dog can relieve itself during its visit.

Collection Times

We do our best to give you a 15-20 minute notice prior to your pet's appointment being completed so you can arrive as we are done with the groom. When a client is early or late, this puts our schedule off and mostly causes your dog to have to sit around and wait. Also it can be quite stressful for most animals to have to wait unnecessarily after a grooming session is finished.


In the event of cancellations received less than 24 hours prior to your appointment or "no shows", we reserve the right to add a £10 service fee to your next appointment.



I am a member of the the
Pet industry federation and
British groomers association and
Pet retailers association